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4 April 1988
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I’m Ana.

I love to Debate.
And push you till you break.

I love the simple things.

And hate the complicated.

I love my kitty and my puppy.

And you can’t have either of them.

I just graduated from an itty-bitty high school in the
middle of nowhere. I left with no friends, a million and a ½ regrets,
and zero memories. I have no idea where I am going in life.
I’m am OCD, a perfectionist, sarcastic, bouncy, creative, lazy and a book worm. I live for my
camera, paint brushes, colored pencils,charcoals and pens. I find sleeping a waste of oxygen and do it
as little as often. I’m inspired by random bursts of depression, my
fairytale imagination, oh and your love life. Weird is my middle name, I can make you love me
or hate me a hundred times each every day. I discriminate against liers, cheaters and judgmental people. I love
postcards, letters, random hugs, anything round, thrift shopping, and best friends.

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